Lector Training Solutions (“LTS”) LTD


LTS was formed in early 2018, with a view to primarily operate in the Training Sector for all types of businesses. 


At LTS our passion is to train and pass on our wealth of knowledge to other businesses. Through determination and dedication, we will continue to grow as a successful business and invite you to join us on that journey.


As a newly formed business, a vast amount of research has been made looking into business training requirements and demands.  We can ensure not only a competitive price with LTS but also the best quality and extensive portfolio of training provided.


Why You Need LTS?


Should you need a trustworthy business to take care of your staff development and training, then look no further!  Not only do we assist companies with their daily training requirements, but can also offer more advanced coaching and certification.


Thanks to our forward-thinking and new techniques, we will continue to create and deliver interesting and interactive coaching sessions.    We offer bespoke, individual training plans that suit your company personally.  Each plan is created with the utmost personalisation, therefore no matter what type of business you operate we can ensure all areas are covered suitably for you and your needs.  


Benefits of LTS


Every employee taking part in LTS’s training will be left with a positive experience.   All taking part will finish not only with a recognised qualification and professional certificate but more importantly, will be left with a clear and confident mindset.  LTS will leave your employees confident in using their newly gained skills acquired from training and ready to put them into daily practice.  


LTS Future Plans


At LTS we want to share our business journey with our customers and therefore feel its highly beneficial to be transparent as a company and outline our future development steps – which are as follows:


Our 2020 Plan


Stage 1 - (2018-2019)


·         Focusing on App and Website Development - to ensure this works quickly and efficiently.  Building a solid and easy to access location, where you can access your training information, necessary paperwork and even personal records to track the dates of your refreshers and extensions available.


·         By listening to our customer's needs and requirements LTS will develop a “One Stop Shop” to meet all your requirements so you will only have to visit one place for all your training needs.


·         Mechanical Handling Equipment Training – Until the end of 2019, we will be delivering Mechanical Handling Equipment Training, until further requirements for other types of training will be highlighted by our clients.  At which point, staffing will be expanded to ensure all needs are met.


·         Availability - At present availability is limited, so we would advise you to plan training in advance.  Should you have any additional requirements please let us know.



Stage 2 - (2019-2020)


·         Trainers – Staffing will be assessed to ensure tight deadlines are met as well as having designated members of staff to work solely with your business, to ensure you receive the highest level of training and communication at all times.


·         Training Centres – Centres where we can offer training to a wider group of customers, as well as the general public and a place where we can organize free seminars for Health and Safety Representatives and Managers responsible for overseeing busy operations. 


Open new courses as part of:


·         Staff Development - Manual Handling, Fire Marshal, First Aid, MHE awareness, H&S Level 2


·         Management Training - IOSH, NEBOSH, H&S Level 3, Forklift Operations Supervision.



Stage 3 - (2020-2025)


·         Training Centres - We will be investing in the above Training Centres to optimise our work.


·         Courses - We will continue to learn from our customers and be able to deliver a wide variety of courses to meet any industry interested in staff and self-development.


·         Branching Out – LTS will push to deliver training to customers all across the UK and have widespread representatives.






                  "We would like to wish you all the best for the success of your business and hope to speak to you soon and help you to create a safe working environment at your place".


       Your Sincerely,


       Lector Team