- Full Attention -

"Training one on one is the form of training where the trainer can fully concentrate on the trainee and deliver training designed to the level of skills and abilities needed to allow the pupil to become a great and safe operator. If the trainee straggle to finish course with bigger group that is the training that will overcome any issues"


- Perfect Solution -

"Two trainees on the course reduce your cost and will give you two greatly trained operators. It is a perfect ratio that enables us to train to the best possible standards where two trainees can compare their skills and knowledge pushing themselves to achieve great results and finish on best possible skill level"


- Efficiency -

"Making sure every employee receives the best possible training for the great price is the aim of every employer. We are capable of delivering a superb level of training for a group of a three without losing on quality. On the end of the course you will receive personalise feedback about all participant of the session"